Foods that Produce
Acid or Alkaline Has Lasting Effects...

Foods that Produce Acid or Alkaline Has Lasting Effects...

Although cells function at their peak in a slightly alkaline environment, they produce acid as they convert foods into energy.

In a healthy body, the acid normally produced is weak and easily eliminated through the respiratory system. The acid that causes most problems is that which is produced as a by product of typical diets consisting of cooked and processed items.

After the body has burnt and assimilated what it can use from the fuel we give it, an ash residue remains and it is this ash that is highly acidic. It is a much stronger solution than that produced by the cells and must be eliminated through the circulatory and urinary systems.

All cuisine that enters the body must be processed and assimilated. In order to do this the body must convert your diet into energy, in other words it burns it. As the body cannot burn everything, the digestive and assimilation processes produce by products, or ash, which must be eliminated.

It is this residual material that is of concern to us because even though it can be neutral, acidic or alkaline in nature depending on the original composition of the food, in most cases it is acidic in nature. The table below shows the residual ash content of different foods.

Because this acid ash is so strong, the body performs a neutralising or buffeting function, otherwise the acid would burn the kidneys and urinary system upon elimination.

To do this, the body calls upon its stores of alkalising minerals such as calcium, potassium, sodium and magnesium which convert strong acids into weak solutions. If a person’s alkalising mineral stores are low, or non-existent, the body is forced to call upon its reserves of ammonia to alkalise the solution before excretion.

Sophisticated urine tests are a good way to find out what is happening within the body and whether or not it is functioning properly. If the body is adequately hydrated, urine needs to be more acid in the mornings and less acid in the evenings. If urine pH consistently reads low, or reads alkaline, then problems are not far away. In most cases, as we shall see in the chapter on water and hydration, our bodies are chronically dehydrated because we do not drink enough clean filtered water on a daily basis.

In today’s modern world where undernourished existences of fast foods, fast careers, fast cars, fast relationships, fast tempers and fast lifestyles are the norm, acidosis is the most common of the acid-alkaline imbalance problems.

The condition of acidosis, a state characterised by an abnormal increase in the acidity of the blood and extracellular fluids, occurs when there is a depletion of the alkaline reserves in your body’s tissues and fluids. When this happens you open up avenues for micro-organisms, such as pleomorphic virus, bacteria, yeast, fungi to evolve into forms that begin compromising our health as they begin to mutate.

By maintaining a healthy, slightly alkaline pH in our system, these micro-organisms can de-evolve back into their original forms that support and sustain a healthy system.

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