The Learning Process
Of Share Trading...

In terms of share trading, there are two sides to the learning process.

  • On one side there are all sorts of terms, techniques, skills, risk management and processes you must learn.
  • On the other side there are mistakes.

One side of the equation is passive in that, in terms of systems and techniques, you can research everything you ever wanted to know about trading from books or website resources such as Money Mastery Online.

The other side of the equation is active in that the only way you’ll ever become a good trader is to be a player in the market!

The Market Takes No Prisoners!

You either win or you lose. There are no maybes or 'part' loses.

The market consists of both professionals and amateurs.

You cannot request to be pitted against an amateur less skilled than you.

They, like you, are anonymous.

As soon as you enter the market place you will make mistakes and it’s what you do as a result of these mistakes that’ll determine whether or not you make a good trader.

If you think back to all the costly mistakes you have ever made in your life, their origin was most likely attributed to any, or a combination, of three factors.

A lack of knowledge...
A lack of skill...
A lack of discipline....

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