Letting Go of The Bar

Given that most people do not accomplish the things in life they would love to achieve is it appropriate to ask the question why not?

How many times have you decided you no longer wanted to do something only to find yourself doing the same thing over and over again a couple of days later?

Do you get a bit peeved when you catch yourself repeating behaviours you don’t want?

Have you ever tried to understand the psychological and emotional processes that are at work here?

Or do you just knuckle down, bury the past and try to reform the behaviour again only to find yourself in a repetitive process of three steps forward, two steps backwards?

If so, Money Mastery would like to offer you a FREE resource E-Book titled 'Letting Go of the Bar'...

We feel it will be especially helpful as you begin your journey to online or offline wealth creation, financial freedom, prosperity and life choice!

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by Paul Counsel

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