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Goal setting and finding ways to measure results sounds easy.

The reality is that measuring results gets more complicated as we often will start making excuses as to why we couldn't achieve what we originally set out to do! Many of them are perfectly valid excuses.

The strategy used to set your goals can make a huge difference to whether or not you achieve them.

Undoubtably, one of the masters in this field is Tony Robbins. Here is a short youtube clip that we thought you may find interesting.

After the clip, we provide you with some basic steps you can do to set effective goals before downloading the Money Mastery generic goal tool that will help you to keep track of progress.

Keep It Simple

Here are four key pointers for goal setting:


You can have more than one goal running at the same time but start them one at a time. Leave yourself enough space in between starting a new goal and bringing the next goal into play...


Well, momentum and being able to measure results is the key! You need to create enough momentum behind the goal to ensure it gets started and stays on track. It should ultimately become part of your daily routine.

Often if you overload yourself with many goals, the path ahead can become too great, resulting in lost motivation and ultimately a failure in achieveing your stated target.

If you're really serious about learning to measure results you need to make sure you get each goal planned, using the SMART goals formula...


Often the big picture will become overwelming...

For example, the thought of creating a web-site from scratch without any prior experience could be quite daunting. Or the thought of building income online can also be daunting...

But the idea of a mini-goal of creating a single page is much easier to tackle. Or the idea of launching on 'test' online campaign sounds achievable.

In other words when setting personal goals also break them down into smaller bite-size mini-goals.

Don't forget to celebrate your success as each mini goal is ticked off and achieved!


Even with a mini-goal you haven't worked out what you need to do today. So now you need to break your first mini-goal down into a list of individual tasks. For example, one of today's tasks might be to research which keywords to use for your next web page.

Keep it simple! Don't over analyze things. A simple list on a piece of paper with one or two tasks for the day is often enough to keep the momentum moving forward.


Let's face it... You are probably reading the site to try and search for information, tips and techniques that will help you to generate additional income streams, enhance exisiting investments or look at ways to generate wealth online and become financially free...

That is why we like to measure results from a financial perspective... Success can be measured in many ways with financial success being one of them.

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Goals into Tasks

Why is it useful to break down your goals to tasks?

First, you will only achieve your goal if you take action. When setting goals, breaking the goal down into tasks provides you with a list powerful assignments that you can take action on help you to measure results

Second, it gives you a feeling of control when you write down all these manageable tasks. It helps to keep you focused.

Third, you can feel good every day as you cross off tasks and move towards your ultimate goal.

Be S.M.A.R.T

Smart goals are a great universial approach to keeping the goals results orientated and simple. It will also help you to measure results. You are probably familiar with the SMART approach. For those of you who are not, lets look into it a little further;

S - Specific
Keep the goal specific and focused. Try to keep it to a short sentence to maintain clarity.

M - Measurable
Create a clear outcome that can be clearly measured. At money mastery we choose to use the works Effective or Ineffective.

A - Acheivable
Is the goal acheivable. Can it be broken down into tasks that can be achieved within the time frame set?

R - Realistic
Keep it real... Challenge yourself and push your comfort zones but ensure the goals and tasks are realistic.

T - Time Bound
Set some deadlines to work towards. Push yourself to achieve the timeline this will ensure your goals and tasks move forward.

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