The Mechanics of Wealth

The Mechanics of Wealth is an introduction to the second book of three in the 'Infinate Wealth Series' written by Paul Counsel.

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Book Two of 'The Infinate Wealth Series' is about putting your money to work in both the share trading and real estate markets.

Book Two is the ‘How To’ part of wealth creation and explores all that you need to know to become successful in real estate, stock markets and trading.

Before we begin though, it’s important to know that wealth needs to be built on four important pillars so that over the long term the structures that you build remain strong. This is the cornerstone of the Mechanics of Wealth and Wealth Creation when you look to use both share trading and real estate as cornerstones.

Having committed yourself to a decision to be wealthy, your journey to wealth must include an understanding of economic cycles, finance, compounding and the skillful use of negotiation and you’ll discover all that you need to know here in Book 2.

How fast you become wealthy is really dependant on how well you understand and utilize the pillars of wealth.

You’re either in control of these processes or these processes are controlling you. Money either controls you, or you control it.

You decide.

This powerful book opens your eyes and enhances your awareness of the mechanics of being a successful real estate investor and share market expert.

Here is a brief wealth creation list of what you’ll get from Book Two The Mechanics of Wealth:

  • 3 important variables that you must master in the skill of negotiation if you want to make money quickly and easily using the mechanics of wealth!
  • The characteristics you’ll need to develop in order to win as a negotiator.
  • Achieve a better deal by learning the tricks and tips of negotiation – These strategies are so powerful you can apply them to improve your business turnover, career advancement or other areas of economic life.
  • Choosing the right timing and deadlines for negotiating a property can improve the returns on your investment many fold.
  • Strategies on how you can use the bank’s money to your advantage rather than letting the bank earn from you.
  • Discover how to use other people’s money to increase your investment returns and minimize the risks involved.
  • A comprehensive guide to understanding how economic cycles affect your wealth creation results. How to read the economy and understand which economic conditions are best for share markets and which are better for real estate.
  • Learn how to evaluate companies listed on stock exchanges and how to evaluate those that have greater potential to increase in price over the medium to long-term.
  • Discover 9 specific stock selection criteria and how to understand ratios and criteria for selecting good performing stocks.
  • Learn what to look for when doing due diligence on company management, leadership, accounting practices, turnover vs. profit and future growth potential.
  • For shorter term profits, learn to understand the leverage power of options and how to begin using them for cash flow and short-term gain.
  • Learn the basics of technical and fundamental analysis.
  • Understand how to apply fundamental analysis to stock selection for long-term gain and technical analysis to stock selection for short-term gain.
  • Learn about the history of trading, where it all began, what it’s about now and how you can begin a career as a trader.
  • Discover the secrets of successful traders and understand the pitfalls of a negative trading psychology.
  • Learn how to begin thinking like a successful trader and how to adopt a positive psychology so that you can dramatically improve your results.
  • Discover one of the best ways to minimize your risk when you are trading stocks.
  • Discover the reasons why residential real estate is one of the most user-friendly wealth vehicles to understand and profit from.
  • Discover what types of property will increase in value over the long-term and how to profit from such properties when you find them.
  • Find smarter ways to make money by understanding in detail the concept of compounding.
  • Learn exactly how to make moneylenders comfortable and happy to lend you money so that you can use it to create wealth.
  • How to actually see when critical mass of wealth is achieved.
  • How to buy or sell a property to make money by using the power of perceived value.
  • How debt can generate a passive income for you.
  • How to skyrocket the rental value of a house.
  • Why most fund managers become wealthy at your expense but you don’t seem to be. Discover the insider secrets of fund managers and how they manage your money by making you believe that you have made a wise decision by handing your savings over to them.
  • The critical information you must know about amateur developers if you want to make more profit than normal people!
  • The mechanics of using time to choose profitable property to buy and hold.
  • The safe way to invest in property is to know how to use timing effectively.
  • Why you shouldn’t buy a property because of its location and other important factors

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