Mentoring Through
Money Mastery's Premium Online One Year Course

Mentoring is where the impact of having the right people around you becomes incredibly valuable.

The Money Mastery Premium Online One Year Course aims to teach sustainable strategy, teaching, sharing, listening and above all results.

Mentors act as agents of change who support, encourage and direct the creative focus of individuals, businesses and/or organisations in a way that taps into the unrealised potential and extraordinary success that’s available to them.

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Learn, Unlearn & Re-learn...

In Future Shock (1970), Alvin Toffler wrote, “The illiterate of the 21st Century will not be those who cannot read and write. They will be those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn.”

Most people can learn and relearn but many come unstuck when it comes to unlearning old and ineffective habitual ways of thinking and doing.

In Order Out of Chaos, Man’s New Dialogue with Nature (1984), Toffler advanced an observation that significant shifts occur for people when one or more of the basic elements of their internal make up are significantly altered. The real value of mentors is found in their ability to help create perceptual shifts so that the greatest amount of unlearning and relearning can take place.

The Change Process....

Mentors help change the way individuals, businesses or organisations think, perceive, feel and act. It’s a change process that turns internal resources away from negative resistance and directs them towards positive competencies that ultimately bring about extraordinary improvements in capacities and results.

Mentors create fertile and trusting environments of confidentiality and personalised accountability so that more of an individual’s innate potential can be achieved. It’s about engaging in an ongoing process for the developed of promise. No matter how successful you may already be, if you want to achieve experiences beyond the limits of your current capacities, the supportive environment of mentorship helps you take the necessary steps towards the levels of success you desire but cannot achieve by working in isolation.

How to experience past your current capacity....

In Tao: Daily Meditations (1992), Deng describes the value of such relationships noting, “That is why we need a parent for a parent, a master for a master, and leaders for leaders. This prevents errors of power. In the past, even kings had wise advisers. Every person who would be a leader should have such assistance.”

Break The Rules Your Keep & Keep The Rules You Break....

Unless attention is brought to focus on habitual patterns of thought and behaviour, they’ll keep returning you to tired results of sameness. Having the right people around you opens up a whole new world of possibilities that lead to doing ordinary things differently so that extraordinary outcomes are achieved by those determined enough to achieve them.

Helen Keller said that security is mostly a superstition. “It does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. Life is either a daring adventure or it is nothing.” The ultimate purpose of mentorship is to develop more of the true potential available to you so that life is experienced as a daring adventure of expansion and sustainable achievement.

Money Mastery Premium 12 Month Course

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Money Mastery's Premium Online One Year Course....

Over the years, Paul and Barry have studied both what prevents change and what accelerates change. While understanding both aspects is necessary for effective change, what really excites Barry and Paul is being able to create the space where individuals, businesses and organisations become active initiators, instead of passive recipients, of the design processes for sustainable expansion.

Your future outcomes, and the results you’ll keep achieving, are literally determined by whether or not you have the desire to answer a call for change. My invitation to you is to believe in yourself enough to invest in your self worth, and to trust in yourself enough to realise more of your true potential.

So that the Mentor team at Money Mastery Online can offer full attention and focus, Barry & Paul take on a limited number of individuals and organisations per year.

If you’re ready to begin experiencing more of the potential that awaits you, if you’re ready to live life more fully, if you’re excited about the possibilities of sustainable improvement and extraordinary results, and if you’re encouraged by thoughts that when you improve your own world, you automatically improve the world for others, then we encourage you to get started with the Money Mastery Premium Online One Year Course...

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12 Month
Course Overview

Month One
Introduction & Welcome
Mastering Money
Contradictory Forces

Month Two
From Inadequate
Environemnt Shaping
Understanding Identity
Development of The Shelves

Month Three
The History of Work
Rethinking Wealth
Content & Structure
The Ego

Month Four
Money Mastery & Flow
The Four Task Plan

Month Five
Thinking & Thunking
The Thinking Tool Kit
Framing through Context
Self Actualisation

Month Six
The Plot
Developing Roles
Developing Limits
Developing Comfort Zones

Month Seven
Change & Freedom Gain
Spiral Dynamics

Month Eight
Meme Descriptions
Code Interaction

Month Nine
Conditions For Change
Change Variations
Stages of Change

Month Ten
Meta Programs
Building Rapport

Month Eleven
Power of Persuasion
Persuasive communication
The Phsychology of Influence
Persuasion 101

Month Twelve
Annual Review
Prosperity Catalyst Introduction
Trading Mastery Introduction
Online Mastery Introduction