What are the Network Marketing
Experts Saying?...

The experts are excited about the Network Marketing phenomenon due to the fact that that people talk to people and people like to talk to people who are just like themselves.

This simple fact of human nature is something that every entertainment-marketing executive around the world and every Hollywood film producer intimately knows.

Now add in the modern power of the internet, websites and social media...

It doesn't take much to realise that the Network Marketing Online industry is set to boom in a way that no other industry has ever done!

The entire industry is suited perfectly for the modern day power of viral marketing and personal contact made through social media sites!

The good news is that only a small part of the network marketing Online industry know this!

If you are looking to create a modern day business that can be run online and offline, then considering stepping into the field of Network Marketing is probably the smartest move you will make in a lifetime!

Business Professional's Say the Following.....

Brian Delaney
Of Home Business Journal, ranked the top 25 business opportunities for the new millennium. The selection criteria he used included cost of entry, ease of entry, demand and profitability. Network Marketing was ranked as the No 1 best business opportunity for the new millennium. “More millionaires are coming out of this industry than any other two industries together.”

Robert Kiyosaki
Describes network marketing online as the perfect business for retiring young and retiring rich. “The richest people in the world come from this Business quadrant. The rich build networks, everybody else looks for work. Networking is a way for the average person to keep their daytime job and really build an asset that sets them free.”

Robert Allen
Co-author of the One Minute Millionaire, and a number of other best selling books states that, “The network marketing industry is not only legitimate, but it’s quickly being recognised world wide as the growth industry of the future.”

Brian Tracey
World famous motivator and business coach, Brian Tracey Author of over 300 books, tapes and CD’s says, “The future of network marketing online is unlimited and there is no end in sight. It will continue to grow because better people are getting involved. They are raising the entire standard of network marketing to the point where soon it will be the most respected business model in the world.”

Jim Rohn
described as the world’s greatest modern day philosopher states that, “Network marketing is the big wave of the future. It’s taking the place of franchising, which now requires too much capital for the average person. Network marketing is really the greatest source of grass roots capitalism because it teaches people how to take a small amount of capital and time and start building their dreams.”

Fortune Magazine
Statements in Fortune Magazine have described direct selling, or network marketing online, as an ‘economic powerhouse’, ‘an entrepreneur’s dream come true’, ‘the business of the 21st century' and the ‘direct selling phenomena’.

Dr Denis Waitley...

One of the Masters who have personally helped members of the Money Mastery Team on their journey towards success in Direct Selling is world famous behavioural psychologist, Dr Denis Waitley, trainer of Apollo astronauts, fortune 500 company CEO’s, Olympic athletes, Super Bowl coaches and athletes, member of the Platform Speakers Hall of Fame and author of many books including the Psychology of Winning.

Denis Waitley makes so much sense when he says that “If you are not networking, you’ll soon be not working. The most exciting business opportunities today are in home-based network marketing. Soon there will be more workspaces in home-based offices than workplaces in industrial buildings.”

If you consider the increasing cancer of disenchantment, the amount of salaried lay offs and job outsourcing, corporate downsizing, the failure of confidence and the overall job dissatisfaction that’s currently infecting the psyche of individuals wishing for a better future, the pathway forward is clearly sign posted.

Network Marketing Online is a medium that can begin to heal the economic pain for most people because the route cause of the pain is the same; it’s the lack of financial resources.

Network Marketing Online is the only business model that the team at Money Mastery knows of where you can be in business for yourself but not by yourself.

As a trend, Network Marketing and more specifically Network Marketing Online has grown every year for the past 20 years and has grown by 91% over the past ten years.

As a worldwide trend it currently enjoys $100+ billion dollars in wholesale turnover. Thousands of independent distributors join direct selling companies each week yet less than 1% of the world’s population is involved at present.

This means we’re at the beginning of a massive trend that has only tapped a tiny percentage of network marketing online future growth potential.

The list of Supporters for Network Marketing is Endless...

Tom Peters, the New York best selling author who wrote In Search of Excellence, and The Circle of Innovation refers to network marketing as the first truly revolutionary shift in marketing since the advent of modern marketing created by Proctor and Gamble at the Harvard Business School over 50 years ago.

The list of those in support of network marketing online is endless and it’s not difficult to understand why….

Not only do network distribution models allow for greater efficiencies in the distribution of goods and services from manufacturers to customers, thus substantially decreasing costs and increasing profits, network marketing online or offline is one of the only mediums left where individuals can express and develop their own ingenuity and entrepreneurship and attract to themselves anything from an extra few hundred dollars per week to tens of thousands of dollars per week.

Especially when the individual leverages the power of the web to drive their business. Click Now For More MLM Trends

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