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Examining Network Marketing Opportunities

Whenever examining network marketing opportunities, you need to take into consideration financial risk along with emotional, psychological, relationship, material, physical and time risk. In any economic activity, you should examine these risks and take the most effective steps to lower them.

Most people do not consider such risks resulting in 80% of the population retiring broke! Is there any wonder?

In this vital page you will find information on super effective filters that you can use to examine the Network Marketing Opportunities available in today's market...

Niche Markets for Maximum Results according to Paul Zane Pilzer...

The network marketing opportunities in industries set for stellar growth in this ‘highly selective arena of prosperity’ are ‘wellness’, ‘the Internet’ and ‘intellectual distribution’.

Intellectual distribution
As defined by Pilzer, is ‘educating people about the existence of products and services they might currently be unaware of, yet, when they discover and use them, experience dramatic improvements in their lives’.

Is the direct opposite of health care, which Pilzer defines as a sickness business, a business that concerns itself with treating the symptoms of existing illnesses. As evidenced by an astronomical increase in degenerative disease worldwide, it has little to do with the active prevention of illness or with making people feel stronger, healthier or happier.

Have you ever wondered about the business of conventional medicine and how one becomes a customer of that industry? Basically, you have to lose something first, you have to lose wellness. We’re alerted to this loss when we develop a symptom of some description. It could be pain, discomfort, a rash, a lump, inflammation or simply a feeling of dis-ease.

When people develop symptoms they either wait and hope they go away, or they traditionally make an appointment to see a general practitioner. During a short consultation period, you may be given a prescription for pills and/or creams and you go home and wait to see if they work. Alternatively, the doctor may order further tests in an attempt to help analyse your condition, or you might be referred to a specialist.

We now have doctors who specialise in every inch of our bodies and despite this we have less wellness than previous generations. Wellness has deteriorated to such an extent that chronic degenerative disease is now rampant within our society. In Australia, hundreds of thousands of people die each year as a result of chronic degenerative conditions.

If we have medically 'qualified' specialists for every inch of our bodies....

Why are so many dying younger than they need to?

Why doesn’t our wellness span match our life span?

If degenerative disease is generally felt to be non contagious why do so many people end up diseased?

What’s going on?

Shocking Statistics....

Currently, American’s spend $1.5 trillion on health care but less than 2% of this is directed towards prevention. Obesity rates increased 75% from 1991 to 2000 and diabetes increased 60% during the same period. The numbers for 2010 are both staggering and sad!

Adult onset diabetes in children, or type ll diabetes, increased 1,000% from 1984 to 1992. Nearly 75% of America’s healthcare costs are the result of chronic degenerative diseases. In other words, 75% of $1.5 trillion is used to service the effects of lifestyle diseases, which are preventable conditions and yet only 2% of this budget is directed towards prevention!

Why Wellness is the Way....

The emerging wellness industry is not so much about treating people with sickness as it is about understanding causes and effects. It’s about providing for the needs of people who are well and wish to stay that way. It’s about products and services that help to slow the degenerative aging process itself.

The wellness industry provides products and services that...

Promote the lowering of biological ages, products and services that make you feel and look younger

Reverse the symptoms of aging

Give you more energy and vitality than you’ve ever had before

It’s about building confidence as you age by increasing vivacity, which enables you to develop a strong sense of wellbeing

The wellness industry is about the active prevention of the many degenerative conditions that currently exist. It’s also about giving people a better quality of life if they have pre-existing conditions. Pilzer describes wellness as the Next Trillion Dollar Industry, an industry set to explode over the next five years by another 500% from where it is today.

It doesn't a a brain surgeon to realize that Wellness is a trend here to stay!

Are you prepared to position yourself at the forefront of the wellness industry?

Are you prepared to arm yourself with the right knowledge of why wellness will become a necessity for society and especially the baby boomer generation?

Are you ready to arm yourself with the right MLM online skills to be able to succesfully win in the Internet jungle?

Are you ready to maximize the right online tools to promote your network marketing business and create a lifestyle of financial freedom?

Are you ready to learn which leading companies are at the forefront of wellness in the network marketing industry?

Are you prepared to work as part of team from the comfort of your own home?

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