Oxidative Stress Testing
and Natural Balancing Mechanisms

Oxidative Stress Testing may hold the key...

So, if you are symptom free at the moment, but are

  • overweight
  • have low energy reserves and constantly feel fatigued
  • don’t sleep well
  • generally feel flat and don’t have the vitality you once had
  • have annoying aches and pains
You must begin to realise that your body is out of balance some where.

So how can you tell if all your systems, tissues and organs are in a state of optimum wellness or in a process of degeneration which will eventually lead to symptoms, and if not rectified, will reach critical mass and a disease label?

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Natural Balancing Mechanisms

The first thing to do is to consider is your body’s natural balancing mechanism.

In other words, the core systems that keep your body operating smoothly. These core systems are reflected in your body’s

  • pH system
  • your metabolic and digestive systems
  • your lymph and circulatory systems
  • and your waste removal systems

Without making sure that these are working at optimal levels, every thing else pretty much becomes guesswork. As suggested in a previous paper on our website, Acid/Alkaline Imbalance, imbalance of any kind will eventually lead to a disease label so it is of critical importance that you know what’s happening within your body and take proactive and pre-emptive measures if you need to.

Oxidative Stress Testing

This test, along with other forms of evaluations such as live blood testing, can assist in determining whether or not you have

  • protein deficiencies
  • lymphatic drainage challenges
  • digestive imbalances and bowel toxicity
  • pH imbalances
  • chronic cellular dehydration
  • free radical damage
  • nutritional depletion
  • skin congestion
  • adrenal stress
  • heavy metal toxicity and mineral and vitamin deficiencies.
But before I get into explaining how an test works, let’s concentrate on oxidative stress itself for a while.

Although oxygen is central to our existence, and essential to life itself, not many people understand the role oxygen plays in the degeneration of our bodies and tissues.

The quickest way to see this happening is in the example of an apple. When an apple is whole, it can stay fresh for a relatively long time, but when it is sliced, and its white surface exposed to oxygen, it rapidly starts to deteriorate.

The browning occurs via the attack of oxygen molecules on the apple’s cellular structure. This discolouration is known as oxidative stress and to prevent the browning from happening, you either have to consume the apple quickly or coat the white flesh with something like lemon juice, which has natural ‘antioxidant’ properties.

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