pH is an Acronym for
Potential Hydrogen

So how does it all work? pH is generally represented on a logarithmic scale from 0 to 14. From 0 to 7 refers to an acid environment, 7 represents a neutral point and from 7 to 14 refers to an alkaline environment.

pH is an acronym for Potential Hydrogen which refers to the extent of concentration of hydrogen ions in a substance or solution. The higher the number on the scale, the higher the capacity to absorb hydrogen ions, the lower the number, the lower the potential for absorbing hydrogen ions.

The body’s acid & alkaline levels controls intracellular activity, governs the way our digestive system works and the way our body uses enzymes, minerals and vitamins.

Most people who suffer from unbalanced health suffer acidic conditions as opposed to alkaline conditions. An acidic terrain forces the body to borrow acid buffing minerals from vital organs and major bones so that it can neutralise excess acid.

However, if acid levels are too high, the body will not be able to excrete enough of the acid and bring the body back into balance.

Acid levels give rise to an internal environment conducive to degeneration and disease, as opposed to a pH-balanced environment, which allows the body to function normally and resist degeneration and disease.

When a body is functioning normally, it maintains adequate alkaline reserves to meet urgent situations or emergency demands. When excessive acid levels build up, they must be neutralised and if re-alkalising is not taking place on a daily basis through dietary practices, the body’s alkaline reserves become depleted leaving the body in a weakened condition.

When the blood’s acid levels increase, micro-organisms that naturally live in our circulatory system thrive, change shape, mutate, multiply rapidly and become pathogenic.

Enzymes that were once constructive to the body’s processes can now reap havoc and become destructive. When the body is out of balance, the ability for the body to absorb the daily minerals it needs is compromised, functioning of major organs such as the brain and heart is adversely affected, and oxygen delivery to cells begins to suffer.

All this leads to the promotion of an environment where chronic degenerative diseases can flourish. Steven Denk, author of How You Rot and Rust, maintains that as far as chronic illness is concerned, total healing can only take place when and if the blood is restored to a normal, slightly alkaline.

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