Paul Counsel...
Defining a Life of Choice...
Financial Abundance
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Let me introduce myself… my name is Paul Counsel.

Part One of My story is that I’m a self-made multi-millionaire and author of the Paul Counsel ‘Infinite Wealth Trilogy’. I’ve coached thousands of people on how to achieve financial abundance and I’ve shared with them how they can attain the life I’m living now.

Paul's Background...

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not telling you this just to boast and inflate my ego.

Let me share with you my history so that you can relate to where I came from.

I was born in Tasmania, Australia to two prelingual and profoundly deaf parents.

Although I had voice and was born with the ability to hear, my parents taught me sign language and I pretty much grew up in a silent world until I was old enough to go to school.

Life was tough and we had very little money to spend because my dad was a saw miller and timber cutter (we lived in the bush in the middle of Tasmania).

Despite many setbacks and hardships, I grew up an ordinary person believing that, if I used the conventional wisdom of working hard for 45 or so years, one day I’d achieve financial freedom.

But somehow this was not true for Paul Counsel and I ended up dead flat broke at the age of 40 without really knowing why or how it happen.

I was frustrated and felt as though I was just somebody’s time and labor slave. I was also afraid of the future I was headed for because I realized that unless I changed, my financial abundance results were going to remain the same.

Everything was confused and it was like looking at life through a clouded crystal ball. My wife and I were really worried about our futures.

At the age of 40, I drew a Paul Counsel line in the sand and promised myself never to accept mediocrity or second best any more. I became determined to learn all I could about wealth.

I read books, listened to tapes, attended seminars and gained valuable market experience.

Over the next four years I applied all that I learned by my 44th birthday, I had achieved financial abundance and freedom by becoming a net millionaire.

Part Two of the Paul Counsel Enlightened Story....

The people around Paul Counsel form part two of his story. As is so common in our communities, when someone declares an intention to become more than they already are, the community looks on with mild interest and with the unspoken, "he's gone mad but he'll be back to normal soon".

This was exactly the case for Paul Counsel however skepticism gradually transformed into

"How did you do that?"

Generously, but simplistically, Paul decided that if I can do it, anyone can do it!

He invited his friends and their families around on Saturday mornings to teach them what he had learned.

This successful sharing of what Paul had learned grew rapidly into weekend seminars in which participants were paying thousands of dollars to be taught what Paul was by now exceptionally skillful at - making money using the tools readily available to anyone who cared to look, learn and do.

Part two of Paul's story ends with a hugely successful seminar company, thousands of graduates of his courses, a buzzing membership organization and .....suprisingly...on Paul's part, dissatisfaction, unease, anxiety and questions, questions, questions....

Part Three... Paul Counsel... Building Results

Thousands of graduates, multiple new millionaires however, too many who had not yet become financially free. Paul gave over the resources of the seminar company to his graduates and began another quest.

He had observed that while it was easy for graduates of his courses to pick up the tools there was something powerful stopping the majority from actually using the tools.

Paul observed that as soon as his graduates stepped out of the learning environment of the weekend seminar, life in their busy, demanding worlds took over.

Much as a stone disappears when dropped into a pond, the ripples remain for a short while then all too quickly the pond settles as if there never was a stone.

The intention and opportunity of his graduates to create change in their lives was swallowed.

In this exciting third part of Paul’s story, based on his close personal interaction with thousands of people, his constant research into the leading edge of the science of personal change and the fact that he has actually done what he is offering...

...Paul has created a unique program for economic freedom which is highly personal, breathtakingly empowering and literally is ....

"an apprenticeship with a millionaire".

A Few Words from Paul Counsel...

"A life of peace, choice, financial abundance and time freedom is the desire for many people yet most never set out on the quest to achieve such as state.

Why is this so?

When current research suggests that the majority of Australian's have only one month's savings on which to support themselves if things go wrong. It is a sad comment on the the way most people choose to organise their lives. In terms of financial freedom the ways of conventional wisdom simply do not work.

My definition of wealth is the amount of time you can afford to live a lifestyle of choice, satisfaction and peace of mind without ever having to work again.

By my definition most Australian's are one month wealthy. Many cannot even manage one month. Such a situation need not remain the status quo. Wealth creation is about the acquisition of a body of knowledge that already exists. It exists in the minds and doingness of wealthy people.

It exists in the minds and experience of those who achieved what you want to achieve.

Our greatest assets are our abilities to learn and to do that learning quickly. If you are not learning new knowledge you are being left behind.

Wealth creation is about gaining an understanding of numerous wealth vehicles and how they can be used to create a future based on freedom and choice.

It's about applying energy to this knowledge and investing in doingness. Wealth creation is moving from the survival instructions of conventional wisdom to the freedom of a different wisdom.

It's about being 100% responsible for your present actions and being 100% responsible for the way you remember your past.

It's about making effective choices and gaining control over outcomes rather than remaining controlled by a social system engineered for mediocrity".

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