Achieving Prosperity,
Through the Money Mastery
Premium Online Course One Year Course

Achieving prosperity through Money Mastery's Premium One Year Course...

At some stage throughout their lives people express a desire for economic freedom and a desire to experience the potential that economic freedom and delivers.

The Money Mastery Online Process is a step by step curriculum designed to fulfil those desires.

Paul Counsel "Mentoring for Prosperty" The Feedback Process

More awareness, more understanding, more abilities, more control, more creativity, more resourcefulness, and more enjoyment.

Money Mastery Premium 12 Month Course

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From a very early age we’re taught to surrender our true potential for personal and economic freedomand prosperity so that we can learn the rules of sacrifice and become good servants of the conditioning system.

The system needs workers so the conditioning is designed to trap you in a lifetime of master/servant relationships between time and money. Not enough money becomes the master of your time and you spend your life's time in its service.

The conditioning systems teaches people how to use excuses in order to justify not moving forward and not standing out from the crowd.

Action not Excuses...

Excuses are self defeating thinking patterns designed to prevent people from living at the highest levels of success. Wayne Dyer, an internationally recognised authority on the workings of the mind, describes excuses as 'conscious and subconscious crutches' used to prop up old and habituated thinking patterns.

As you journey forward, Dyer maintains, "You'll realise that there are no excuses worth defending, ever, even if they've always been a part of your life."

Money Mastery's Premium Online One Year Course dissolves such conditioning and recaptures the potential you were born with. It disperses old habitual beliefs and develops new neuropathways that enable you to achieve the freedom and economic certainty that is your birthright.

Success Methods

More knowledge, more know-how, more skills, more strategies, more support, more confidence, more effective outcomes and more prosperity.

Success is intrinsically connected to the methods you use and to your state of awareness. A successful life is one in which all the dimensions of awareness have arisen.

You make decisions about money every day, Money Mastery's Premium Online One Course shows you how to make the decisions that lead to financial freedom.

The journey ahead of you is a multi-faceted process. There are many decisions to be made.

The Money Mastery Premium Online One Year Course is all about learning to make the small but right decisions in a whole range of areas so as to ensure your success.

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Money Mastery's Premium Online One Year Course

12 Month
Course Overview

Month One
Introduction & Welcome
Mastering Money
Contradictory Forces

Month Two
From Inadequate
Environemnt Shaping
Understanding Identity
Development of The Shelves

Month Three
The History of Work
Rethinking Wealth
Content & Structure
The Ego

Month Four
Money Mastery & Flow
The Four Task Plan

Month Five
Thinking & Thunking
The Thinking Tool Kit
Framing through Context
Self Actualisation

Month Six
The Plot
Developing Roles
Developing Limits
Developing Comfort Zones

Month Seven
Change & Freedom Gain
Spiral Dynamics

Month Eight
Meme Descriptions
Code Interaction

Month Nine
Conditions For Change
Change Variations
Stages of Change

Month Ten
Meta Programs
Building Rapport

Month Eleven
Power of Persuasion
Persuasive communication
The Phsychology of Influence
Persuasion 101

Month Twelve
Annual Review
Prosperity Catalyst Introduction
Trading Mastery Introduction
Online Mastery Introduction