Buyer Beware....
Online Share Trading Systems

Online Share Trading - Buyer Beware!

There are numerous computer driven online systems that people, given half a chance, will sell you.

There are also any amount of books on the subject of trading. There are all sorts of people conducting all sorts of trading seminars based on all sorts of theories, practices and systems.

If you meet people who tell you that they have the ultimate trading system then walk away because there is no such system.

Think about it... If there were why would they give you the ‘goose that laid the golden egg’?

While many software programmes may work well in certain types of market conditions they invariably don’t work well in all market conditions.

It’s easy to get a programme that will perform in a market that’s been trending well but in choppy conditions they’ll give share traders too many false signals and you’ll end up losing your money.

If you don’t have a rigid trading skill set backed by solid knowledge and only rely on graphs and indicators you won’t be able to get a decent run one way or the other.

As a result you’ll get chopped about, brokerage will savage you, you’ll emotively respond to and chase losses and you’ll severely damage your account balance and confidence.

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