Success in Share Trading....
Where is the Weakest Link?

In practice you are always the weakest link in share trading. Any system falls down because ultimately you have to interpret the data and the signs.

You have to know who you are and understand your risk profile before committing yourself to a trading system. The more research you do and the more information you get the better your decisions will be. Guaranteed!

Strengths & Weaknesses

All systems have their strengths and weaknesses.

Learn from people who are highly successful. Skill can only come from doingness.

To become skillful at anything you must repeat similar actions over and over again. Through repetition you learn to make slight adjustments to actions so that you can improve and perfect them.

As with any elite sports person they have a certain knowingness deep inside that they can do it. Once they develop this knowingness they know that success comes from somewhere other than their physical bodies.

It comes from something you can’t feel, you can’t dissect and you can’t see under a microscope. This is what you must do with trading.

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Be in The Market....

You can only really learn to trade by being in the market place.

  • You have to get used to your psychology.
  • You have to be able to understand and remove your emotions.
  • You have to get used to the mechanics of charting
  • Get used to evaluating risks
  • Get used to placing orders
  • Get used to following a system and obeying share trading rules

Unless you are well informed, understand and be able to manage risk, work methodically to a system and exercise discipline you will lose your capital.

There are no shortcuts.

If you are to successfully embark on any journey you must be able to read the appropriate signs posts along the way. They will tell you which turns to take and when to take them. They will help you respond to the market rather than encourage you to beat the market.

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