Correct Supplementation
of your Body
with Vitamins and Minerals is Key

Correct Supplementation....

Ultimately what fuel you put into your body determines whether or not you are in balance and experiencing optimal health, or out of balance and stressing major systems and organs.

Even if your levels of vitamins and minerals is correct your body’s metabolic processes are only capable of assimilating vitamins and minerals if it is maintained within the optimal pH range. So even though you may be taking healthy nutrients your body may still be unable to absorb and process them. Hence the expensive urine tag.

Minerals and Supplements should be in their purest form, and not in the forms of the cheap supermarket brands that lack total bioavailability, or total assimilation potential.

Some of the telltale signs of adequate mineral and vitamin intake can be viewed through ‘darkfield’ microscopy work, together with oxidative stress, urine, saliva and iridology tests.

You can also take the observational approach in that if you are not getting the results you expected from your nutritional supplementation or herbal program, look for the solution in your pH imbalance. Nothing will work if your body’s pH is out of balance.

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What Grade of Supplementation is Enough?

It is important to start thinking about the products you may be taking with regards to supplementation. Over the years we have become so conditioned to buying cheap and inexpensive items.

So conditioned are we to cutting costs and saving money that we seemingly are automatically drawn to the retailer offering the lowest prices.

But think about how these ‘lowest prices’ come about. Normally there is a manufacturer who creates the product. Such products could be manufactured in Australia or in certain overseas countries where labour costs are significantly.

In any event we now have manufacturing costs plus a profit mark up. Then the manufacturer has to pass the products onto a wholesaler or national distributor who adds another profit mark up.

The national distributor passes the products onto regional or state distributors who add another profit mark up. The products are then passed onto retailers who add another profit mark up.

If we are talking about nutritional supplements here, because they are a price sensitive item, by the time they get to the store shelves they are generally too expensive and the general public will not buy them.

There is a tolerance for off the shelf products so the only way to get the price down is to cut costs somewhere.

Unfortunately, not many people in the distribution chain will cut their profit margins to ensure you get the best quality products.

As such it is up to the manufacturer to make a lower grade product. In terms of nutritionals they do this by manufacturing to food grade standards and not pharmaceutical grade standards. Food grade is of a much lower quality than pharmaceutical grade. In terms of nutritional supplements you must do your due diligence become a proactive consumer of pharmaceutical grade products.

Never take anything unless it has complete bioavailability and you have checked out the science behind it. Unless it has the potency you need for optimal well being and unless it has Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) approval. You also need to make sure that products are manufactured to the highest standards of Pharmaceutical Grade Good Manufacturing Practices and not just food grade.

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