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Testimonials from past and present Money Mastery clients that have undertaken the Money Mastery program with Paul and Barry Counsel.


I've been a participant in Money Mastery for the past 10 months. It's been a fantastic and interesting journey with so much gained in so many areas of my life.

One of the most valuable things that I am learning is just how important and capable 'i am!' Sounds pretty basic doesn't it? but it's something so vital that needs to be grasped before you can move forward in your life, financially, physically, emotionally and spiritually. It's also something that you need total support to grasp fully, and it's that sort of support that MM, and Paul in particular, provide whole heartedly.

Whether that be in the content delivered within MM, the tasks set, or the one on one involvement, it really is invaluable.

Paul is a genuine, kind and generous man that cares deeply about the progress of all of his students, a quality that is all too rare in the world today. I can't speak highly enough of Paul, and I don't think there's one person that wouldn't find enormous value in participating in the next Money Mastery program.

Thank you MM, and thank you Paul. Life as I knew it has changed, and I'm so happy about it! Robbie Smyth

Robbie Smyth czichygraphics@iinet.net.au


Hi Paul

I noticed a huge change in my own confidence and skills when chatting to people.

If I can use an example, I was introduced to one gorgeous lady and had I been in my same mindset as I was at the start of this year, I would have previously felt inferior, inadequate and consequently jumble my words and project that inferiority to those who project confidence, self assurance and 'distance'.

The lady started out projecting the above qualities however then by the end of the conversation she was all smiles and had 'softened' her body language quite significantly. It was great, and a huge insight into who I have become to date.

As you say, being there WAS everything. It was not a night only for the guests, but for everyone who went.



RE : Testimonial

Good morning Paul,

I learned some very important distinctions at your presentation on the Law of Laws on Monday evening, especially how focussing on the cause rather than effect can provide me with so much control in my life in order to achieve my desired future. Thank you very much.

Cliff Wilkinson

Testimonial for Money Mastery

Hi Paul & Barry

10 days ago I started reading a book called ¡V How to Become Wildly Wealth FAST. It is written by an Australian lady, Sandy Forster and it is a fantastic read, I couldn¡¦t put it down. In the book Sandy refers to many great authors on the subject of wealth, many that I am already familiar with. I think that she captured all the great ideas in one book.

About 3 days into reading Sandy¡¦s book I posted a couple of books to a friend of mine who has been unwell for at least 18 months ¡V YOU CAN HEAL YOUR LIFE and THINK AND GROW RICH. My message to go with the books to my friend was¡K one book is on HEALTH and the other is on WEALTH but the message is the same for both books. Thoughts become things¡K

A couple of days after that, when I had finished Sandy¡¦s book ¡V I had an AHA Moment! Not only do the books - YOU CAN HEAL YOUR LIFE and THINK AND GROW RICH - have the same message ¡V but all the books on self development have the same message!!

Then at the weekend, I listened to Paul¡¦s latest session on Challenges a couple of times ¡K during the CD Paul said something like¡K.When you read one book, you think ohh¡K that¡¦s a good idea, then you read another, and you think.. ohh that¡¦s another good idea¡K then when you read enough books you realise that all the books are saying the same thing. They all have the same message....

I was like ¡V WOW now Paul just confirmed my big AHA moment of the week. And, do you know what? Over the last 10 months I have known and have been listening to Paul he has probably said the same thing to me umpteen times but it never really meant the same to me as it does now, I had definitely heard it, but I never actually GOT IT. Now I have. Now I just need to actively apply what all these great authors and teachers are saying in my life everyday. Not just one day here and there¡K but something everyday.

Thank you to Paul for sharing your knowledge with everyone!

Have a great day! ļ

Best regards Katie-Jeyn Romeyn

Hi Paul

Thanks for a fantastic (if confronting at times) weekend.


Hi Paul

What a great weekend loved it. David Best


Morning Paul

Just a word of thanks again for sharing your knowledge on the weekend. I had lots of aha moments as I look back to my results in terms of how my self image and self worth have influenced my decisions (or lack of them) in so many ways. I am totally jazzed to be in the orbit of your intellect.

Talk soon


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Hi Paul

Just want to let you know that both Brian and I attended your seminar on Wed 13th.

We both got so much out of it. We are so glad we've been able to start our journey.

Kind regards Rachael Campbell

Hi Paul

Just a quick testimonial to say thank you for organising such a fabulous weekend. Really enjoyed it and in particularl having the opportunity to meet some great people! Thought the glitz and glam evening was especially good and worth all the stress of the 'wardrobe crisis'! Look forward to the next time away in Bali!



Short Testimonial & Thanks

Hi Paul

Thanks for a wonderful weekend and sat night. was really great fun and enjoyable to relax in great surroundings..

Kind regards


Re: Testimonials & Thoughts

Hello Paul

My experience of meeting you was quite uplifting; up to this point I had not felt any sort of connection and had thought of you as a sort of school teacher type authority figure.

After initially being apprehensive I began to realise this is a real person a guy you can talk to, share thoughts and ideas (anyone with cats can¡¦t be all that bad). To my mind you have a strong ability to focus and understand people with highly developed observational skills.

You definitely challenged me and invited me to think out of the box. I have realised and am now working towards being personally free something I really did not understand as I was blinded by the $$$.

I had waited till the Money Mastery Course had got established until I met you.

I feel this offer to meet you on a personal level adds lots of value as it¡¦s the one on one that keeps my mind focused and not be allowed to drift like in a classroom.

It¡¦s great for you to give your time in this way, when you could be bonding with a cat, time being your and our greatest asset and for that I am truly thankful.

Graham Beckett.

Testimonial & Thanks

Hi Paul Just wanted to touch base and say thank you so much for getting me into your Money Mastery Course. I am enjoying the new content you are presenting, its leaving me wanting more. Awesome stuff.

Cheers Paul

Cliff Whiting


Paul & Barry,

Having just completed my first weekend session at the start of a journey of a 1 year commitment with Paul Counsel and his Money Mastery Program... I am full of all the overused adjectives to describe the experience and am happy to provide a testimonial for others considering the course.

Awesome, incredible, life changing... powerful words, but the feelings I leave with are far deeper and much more far reaching.

I am left wondering ¡V if this is the first weekend, what does the rest of the year hold. Having been on a ¡¥self seeking¡¦ mission for a while now, the Money Mastery Program appealed initially as a vehicle to financial freedom which, I envisaged might bring a measure of self worth. Spending the weekend in a classroom with Paul and around 60 other like-minded people between the ages of 22 - 60... I am struck by the realisation that self-worth; self-confidence; self-acceptance has nothing to do with money.

Paul, a self-made multi-millionaire is by far one of the most humble people I have ever met, completely without pretence. I got, in the first 2 hours that ¡V

It¡¦s not about the money for Paul, he has enough. It¡¦s about sharing in a genuine way, not a soft, let me give it to you and make it easy way, but in a tough, being a millionaire is a serious business, not for the faint hearted or those who want a get rich quick kind of way.

He worked for his financial freedom and I know I will have to work for mine ¡V there is no ¡¥free ride¡¦. In all my previous endeavours and serious ambition about financial freedom, I am amazingly aware, through this course, it is, for the first time in my life actually a feasible goal.

Paul has paid his price and reaped the rewards, I know I will have to pay mine, for each of us on the programme it will depend on us as individuals if we want to pay the price, or if the ¡¥price will be too high¡¦ and I¡¦m not talking about the financial investment.

After the final session on the Sunday afternoon I left feeling that programme¡¦s and seminars I have attended over the years have, by comparison been about having my ¡¥ears tickled¡¦, all very nice, but back to reality the next day. I never did get the ¡¥breakthrough¡¦ so often talked about and apparently so necessary to become who I want to be.

I signed up for Money Mastery, thinking my ear tickling was overdue so why not get my feel good factor fix.

The reality became blindingly obvious in the first session that this was an extraordinary programme and Paul Counsel is an extraordinary guy, who refuses to take himself too seriously. His insistence on having fun is a key element even though the programme is serious stuff and it is actually life changing, he has made it abundantly clear it¡¦s also about having fun and enjoying being part of this great journey.

Thanks for an amazing weekend.

Karen Edgington

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