Trading Mastery....
Not a Get Rich Quick (GRQ) Program

Trading Mastery is definitely not a get rich quick approach to wealth creation and should never be thought of as such!

Let us tell you why...

Trading Mastery and share trading should be thought of as an activity which you undertake if you seriously want to take control of the way you earn your income and change what you do.

However with this in mind you should always view trading as a skill which takes some time to learn and the best time to learn is when there is little pressure on you to be successful.

With this in mind Money Mastery suggest that there should be three very clear and separate strategies in place.

  • First there is the establishment of a reassurance portfolio. This is your safety net.
    Your investments here should grow over time as you keep feeding in between 10 and 30% of what you earn. It’s never touched and constantly remains your fall back position given the worst-case scenario you can create for yourself.
  • Once you have your worst-case scenario covered, you then move into long-term asset accumulation, be they quality shares, investment real estate, businesses or whatever.
    This portfolio is wealth’s engine room. It’s where the real power is generated. It’s where time and good quality assets come together to create critical mass and financial freedom.
  • To be successful in the Engine Room mentioned above in point two you need to grow as a person.
    You need to understand the extent of your financial achievement will rarely, if ever, exceed the development of your own personal psychology. The more you grow, the more you learn. The more you learn the more you understand how little you know. You can never achieve greater things than the thoughts you process on a daily basis. So, our third important strategy is knowledge! Simple and Real!

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