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With wealth creation and prosperity on their minds, Paul, Barry and Dylan have further developed and expanded the succesful and highly regarded Money Mastery Mentoring program (previously named Wealth Educators), running since late 1997 in Australia, Asia and in some parts of the USA!

Knowing that finding and following your life purpose is the key to prosperity, the Money Mastery team led by Paul is committed to providing you with wealth creation knowledge, practicle tools and relevant resources designed to rocket your ROI!, giving you every chance of succeeding as you start to play in the arena of wealth creation, prosperity and living a life of choice!

The Money mastery team welcomes you aboard and looks forward to working closely with you over the long term. Nothing would make the growing Money Mastery team and member community happier than to see you succeed in wealth creation and achieve what only 3% of the population does in a lifetime.

Get to Know Paul...

In 1994 at the age of 40, Paul came to realization that despite having attained most of his goals in life he, like 96.7% of the population were destined to retire broke and unable to support himself financially in his latter years. Wealth Creation was at that time a foreign language! He turned his remarkable ability to focus on descoving the secrets of the other 3% of society who enjoy a lifestyle of choice and financial freedom achieved through wealth creation.

3.8 years later Paul became a millionaire and a multi millionaire a few years after that.

Paul never stops aquiring knowledge and still makes a point today of visiting as many seminars, reading as many books and talking to those with more knowledge in the field in order to contantly grow, learn and create greater levels of prosperity and wealth in his life!

Many of Paul's wealth creation techniques, knowledge and super effective tools learned from years of experience are all available within this website waiting for you to use and fast track your way to success and financial freedom!

Here are a few words from Paul...

"When I left the Army in my mid 20's, the first promise I made was to break the shackles between time and money. I promised that I’d never work again and never put myself into a position where I did not control my use of time. I promised that I’d never again enter the agreements codified in the Puritan work ethic. Never again would I give up on myself or sacrifice myself for the benefit of the Captains of Consciousness who control the expressions of life itself".

Get to Know Barry....

Barry, once a school teacher earning a modest but comfortable wage, made the huge step of retiring early and putting his financial comfort zone on the line. In the early 2000's Barry made the move to Perth, Australia to join Paul where they formed the early Money Mastery program and set about teaching others the simple rules of wealth creation in any economic climate.

Barry now living a life of choice and prosperity co-ordinates one of Australia's most succesful mentoring programs that has delivered lasting results for hundreds of Money Mastery participants.

Barry's ability to communicate and his technique of developing wealth creation tools can be seen in many of the resources available through this website...

Here are a few words from Baz...

I was fifty when I accepted Paul's invitation to join him in Perth (Paul had invited me years earlier but I was busy being "right").

I had no idea what I was going to do but powered by the realization that my lifes energy was being spent on my behalf I jumped!

Now my lifes energy is spent moment by moment by my choice.

Paul has assisted, guided, educated and mentored countless people to economic and personal freedom. I fully embrace teaming with Paul and Dylan on the Money Mastery purpose because the outcomes for Money Mastery Online participants are consistently - freedom, prosperity, happiness, the discovery of life purpose, fellowship, certainty and choice.

It's a great joy to work with and for people who have decided to be the drivers of their own lives. Who have recognised that the pathway through the forrest to freedom is created with the acquisition of new information followed by "doingness".

It's an even greater joy to be able to be in support of an absolutely unique and talented mentor - guide - educator in the person of Paul.

Click here to learn what Tools Barry used to Make his Move...

Get to Know Dylan....

My name is Dylan Counsel and you may or may not know my name already. I've been a fairly successful in wealth creation through E-business and making money online in a relitively short period time.

I am pleased to say that I am now living a lifestyle of choice and financial abundance due to implimenting only a few of the success techniques and wealth creation tools detailed in this very website.

I hope to share these with you so that you can achieve a life of abundance and freedom also!

Path to Online Success...

In previous years I had become increasingly frustrated with my job and even more frustrated with how painful it felt to not be able to provide my wife with the life that I knew her and I both deserved to live!

The salary I earned in my day job was OK, and yes I had some nice perks that came with the job, however the linear income arriving in my bank account at the end of each month still wasn’t enough to cover the house payment, bills, credit cards and the small amount of in-significant savings my beautiful wife and were aiming to build….

If You're Working A Job Right Now
I Can Tell You Without A Doubt That Your Job Is A Heck Of A Lot Harder Than Making Potentially Thousands per week using a combination of the Strategies and Skills detailed in this very website.

How do I know this…?

For 16 years I have worked in the hospitality industry...Living internationally, managing top 5 star hotels and resorts, running lifestyle bars and clubs and co-ordinating endless events... The living sounds great on the surface!

Let me tell you what the reality was... My normal working hours were 7am until the hotel was quiet… Regularly, I would get home at 11pm, skip dinner, take a shower, fall into bed and be asleep before my wonderful caring wife even had a chance to ask how my day was!

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy! And I am still thankful that my beautiful wife didn’t leave me!

The Escape....

Then in a desperate attempt to get my time freedom, lifestyle and financial status back on track, I started to work my butt off looking at many wealth creation vehicles!...

Buying and trying every system and online course in the market, hoping that I would discover the secrets to financial success and freedom!

In the mean time I ran up a good credit card debt in hope that the next internet wealth creation business I purchased online would hold the golden key to financial freedom.

I was dead wrong….

I only started to make progress having finally worked out the parts in my life that were blocking my flow and natural ability to attract prosperity.

A big part of it was my conditioning, attitude and belief system towards creating wealth.

It started slowly but after one year of solid internet marketing, I was making a six-figure income as an affiliate marketer.

If you're not sure what affiliate marketing means, let me explain.... You simply promote other peoples products for a commission. It's an incredible business.

click here to learn more about how to succeed in business in an online world.

Even though I was now relatively comfortable financially, the personal satisfaction was still not there and the time balance was still not happening!


I am not sure how, but one late evening I found SBI... Or SBI found me, I am still not sure!?

A world of online opportunity opened up and visions of building an online business around my passion started flashing through my mind!

Working closely with SBI, I have learnt and managed to build numerous profitable websites around topics I am passionate about.

This website is one great example!

Hundred's of other SBIiers and Money Mastery Online colleagues are now enjoying the success of running a web based business from the comfort of their home! And you can too...

The SBI Snapshot...

SBI stands for Solo Build It! and together with the team at Money Mastery Online helps you to turn any hobby, passion or skill into a viable online business. You probably don't even realise that almost any topic can make money with a website.

Build a website?! Exactly.

Even if you are relatively new to computers and the internet world. The SBI system is straight forward and brilliant so you see... anyone can do it.

Even if you are seasoned web professional, don't worry there are aspects of the SBI system that even you will be blown away by!

As one succesful SBIier 'Birgit Bradke' quoted on her website,

"Never be afraid to try something new; remember amateurs built the ark, professionals built the Titanic."

If you are interested in learning more about developing websites and monetizing your passion, click on the link below to view more information and to take the Video Tour proudly presented by SBI on behalf of Money Mastery Online!

Click here to learn more from Money Mastery Online

Money Mastery Team

Paul Counsel, self made millionaire and educational specialist in the area of creating wealth in any economic climate.

Hear more from Barry, a proven mentor and specialist in communication, project management and creating wealth.

Dylan heads up the Online projects of Money Mastery. Click above to learn how you too can earn money online through creating a profitable websites and affiliate programs.

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